There’s nothing creative about living within your means [Semi-Hiatus]  Mushrooms

im done byeeeeeeeeeee

Things got crazy?

in a bad and good way ya 

bad lets not even go there

good ah yes we discovered the beauty of house parties and the lovely mary jane

Wait before you go how was YMAS?!


we all got split up cause of mosh pits and stuff but yeah it was fine cause i met some beautiful people and we were all so close to the fucking front like i could smell josh i swear to god and my friend threw his hoodie cause it was so hot and it ended up on stage lmao but yeah my drink got spiked and i was mugged which wasnt fun and then two of my friends ditched me and another and we had to make our way back from ally pally at half one and tbh we shouldve just accepted help from the police when they asked but instead we somehow got home eventually im not quite sure i ended up in places i didnt know but met up with the boy at about three??? and he walked me back to where i was crashing for the night but yasssss it was the best <333333333

yooo inbox me if you want my url and i might give it out but other than that i see no reason to stay so byeeeeee i guess xxxxxxxxxx

find me a good one and ill do it kay

You should just reblog an ask me post so people can catch up on what's been going on :)


im bad at this i might just leave i have to pack anyway ugh

I've been really worried about you and your reply has only got me worried more. Can you expand to give me some peace of mind?

look i cant remember a lot of stuff thats happened so its easier if you want to know something and ask specifically and i can reply to that as best as okay ya

Honestly why did you leave and what has happened to you?

errrrrrrrrrr when did i even leave 


umm i cant really remember??? i know in jan i found my other half, school fucked my life up, i had my birthday :s and got referred to a psychiatrist which always makes me laugh :DDD

feb i went to france with school lololol now that was interesting and i also got into shit cause i burnt a bunch of shit so parents were convinced i was on drugs for a bit and i was grounded but it was more like i was a toddler again

march is a blurrrrr?????

april too tbh but i went to see ymas which was good and things went crazy from there

may things got fucked up just when i was happy but i found my brother and hes saved my life now

june im trying to put everything back together and so far im doing a lot better

is that it cause idek thats a big question tbh












No but for realz you vanished of the face of the earth. 

ikr clever idk just had enough so left i guess i cant really remember what happened a lot has gone on tho

R you okay though? I thought something had happened. Was a bit worried. 

ya sorry for the worry i cant even remember if stuff happened hbu???

Ah not really, it’s been the same old, same old. 

sorry to hear things havent looked up for ya